Millefiori 1 - Softcover

Looking just like the Venetian crystal sulphurs called ‘Millefiori’, here are Willyne Hammerstein’s exceptional quilts. With few templates, most of her quilts are designed around the hexagon, a shape of which she is especially fond. The layout and color selection give true majesty to these quilts! For the most experienced among us, there are a couple of projects among the 20 quilts featured here that require a bit of attention...This is a gem for lovers of the traditional style!
184 pages.

The links below will take you directly to the kits for the projects we have available.

Christmas Stars

Fete de l'Aioli

Good Times Bad Times

La Creme de la Creme

La Passacaglia 

La Passacaglia 50% bigger

Love Be My Guiding Star

Wild In The Wind

Wild In The Wind 50% bigger